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At UMC Virtual High School, we offer comprehensive curriculums, engaging recorded lecture content, live webinars, and peer tutoring sessions or group interactions for our students. Our virtual high school programs provide students the flexibility and support to pursue and successfully achieve the Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) anywhere in the world.

UMC High School Eglinton Campus-Online Courses

UMC High School aims to provide each student with the opportunity to achieve success according to the student's own interests, abilities and goals. By providing a quality online education within the student's greater educational community, UMC High School can offer the student more choices.

Software Programs for Students

As part of their training in computer and information literacy, students should become familiar with a wide range of available software programs. Students will also be expected to use software applications that help them develop general skills in such areas as writing, problem solving, research, and communication. It is important that students learn to critically evaluate the accuracy, validity, currency, comprehensiveness, and depth of the information they access using information technology, particularly the Internet.

Technical Knowledge and Software Programs Students Need to be Successful

Among the applications that can aid student learning are simulations, multimedia resources, databases, and computer-assisted learning modules, many of which have been developed for use in particular disciplines. In general, students must acquire the knowledge, skills, and attitudes to allow them to use computer and information technology safely, effectively, confidently, and ethically.

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