Student can enroll in up to Four courses at one time for a full time Virtual High School Students.

There will be no refund once a student enrolls in a course, a Moodle account is set and a welcome letter has been sent to the student.  If the student withdraws from the course before receiving the welcome letter, the school will charge the application fee only as the administration fee.

Once the course starts, a student is not allowed to transfer to another course.

Students are allowed to withdraw form courses; however, no refund will be granted.  If the course is a Grade 11 or Grad 12 course and the student has been registered and enrolled in the course for 2 months, the withdrawal and the student’s mark at the time of the withdrawal will be recorded on the student’s Ontario Student Transcript.  The duration of study for each course will be for 4 months.

If the course is a Grade 9 or Grade 10 course, the withdrawal will not be recorded on the Ontario Student Transcript.

If a student is not able to complete a course by the completion date, a one-time 4-week extension can be requested.  Requests for the extensions will be considered by UMC High School.   The following information must be provided upon a course extension request:

-Student legal Name

-Course Code

-Start Date

Please note the application fee for the extension will be charged and is non-refundable or transferable. Course extension fee of $400 will be charged.

Some courses require the student to have a completed prerequisite course.  A recent transcript or report card to prove that a prerequisite of the course has been met.

The UMC Virtual High School is committed to the privacy of its students. As such it does not share any information pertaining to its current or past students without their express written permission.

Please note that the school will communicate with the parents and/or guardians of students under 18 years of age. Additionally, pertinent information will be shared with higher education institutions as well as student homeschools should that be required within established regulations and procedures.

Students are expected to adhere to the intended use policy of UMC Virtual High School. All students hereby agree to follow the rules and regulations of third-party organizations if and when they access their platforms and/or apps through the UMC Virtual High School site.

The UMC High School will periodically review the security, quality, accessibility, access and use conditions of the information at its disposal and will publicly adjust such elements should it be required.