HHS4U, Grade 12, Families in Canada, University Preparation

Course Title/ Grade/ Course Type: Families in Canada, Grade 12, University

Ministry Course Code: HHS4U

Curriculum Document: The Ontario Curriculum, 9-12 Social Sciences and Humanities – Revised 2013

Prerequisite: Any university or university/college preparation course in social sciences and humanities, English, or Canadian and world studies

*If you are a current UMC High School student, please contact your advisor.



This course enables students to draw on sociological, psychological, and anthropological theories and research to analyse the development of individuals, intimate relationships, and family and parent-child relationships. Students will focus on issues and challenges facing individuals and families in Canada’s diverse society. They will develop analytical tools that enable them to assess various factors affecting families and to consider policies and practices intended to support families in Canada. They will develop the investigative skills required to conduct and communicate the results of research on individuals, intimate relationships, and parent-child relationships.


Outline of Course Content                                                      

U1: Development of Individual & Introduction to Research Methods

Students are introduced to six different social science approaches that are used to analyse development throughout the life-span. They apply different social science theories to explore the years between adolescence and adulthood. Students examine factors and social influences that encourage healthy development throughout the life-span.


U2: The Concept of Family

Students are introduced to how families can be studied and understood from sociological, anthropological, and psychological perspectives. Students examine diversity of family composition, function, and how they have evolved and changed throughout history. Students also have opportunities to explore their own family histories by working on a personal family tree.


U3: Development of Intimate Relationships

Students are introduced to a few social theories of attraction and mate selection. They explore how culture influences social norms and societal challenges that some people face in young adulthood. In order to provide a balanced, and cautionary exploration of relationships, students examine divorce, violence, and abuse.


U4: Development of Families, Parenting & Child Rearing

Students explore various roles of parenthood and caregiving. They are introduced to how reproduction technologies have changed perceptions about family compositions and reproductive possibilities. Students also examine challenges and repercussions associated with child abuse.


Final Exam

 Culminating Activity

You will elaborate a research paper on a social topic or issue that has personal significance for you. Your paper must contain all the elements of a research paper, using the guide provided for the activity.

Final Mark will be determined following percentages:

70% Determined by the evaluations conducted throughout the duration of the course:

Products – Assignments, Essays, Journals, Portfolio

Observations – Presentations

Conversations – Conference with the Teacher

30% Final examination of the students and/or a Culmination Assignment